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Tumi's Door
Community Projects
In the midst of our work TLC is always conscious that the reason so many babies are abandoned is because so many of South Africa’s citizens live in abject poverty.
Community projects with Tumi's Door

Trying to address the root problem of poverty that causes the abandonment of so many children, we share what we can with our local community. Zoe (Thea’s 3rd daughter) heads up our Community Development Arm called Tumi’s Door.

She is able to liaise with the local community and is supporting several projects such as a crèche, a home-based care project, a feeding scheme and a community policing forum.

This work reminds us that the best way to give is to give of yourself. Click here to see how you can help the community served by TLC.

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Trustees: Ms. U. Macheke van Graan (Chairperson); Rev. Fr. B. McAleer; Mrs. G.T.F. Jarvis; Mr. M.J.Kaplan; Ms. F.G. McLachlan; Mr. J.P. Gruneberg; Ms. T. Moabi
Section 18A
NPO No: 054/364
Trust No: IT 2986/98
PBO No: 930021186