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Meet The Children
Meet The Children
Each child has a story of how they came to be at TLC. Some have beaten incredible odds just to be alive. Read their stories and be inspired by the human spirit and gift of giving.
Get to know some of our precious ones!
Erin Jarvis

Erin Christian Jarvis - “Eri-Berry”

Born 1998-03-10

Erin was TLC’s tiniest baby ever. We used to call him our “Parktown Prawn”. Erin was born prematurely - his mother was a very young girl who had no social support and was unable to care for him, so Thea adopted Erin. Erin is very curious about things, often asking questions and trying to make sense of things. He enjoys spending time with his older brothers, especially when they are playing soccer outside. Erin is also very healthy, despite the fact that he never puts on any weight! Erin’s greatest wish is to grow bigger than average!

Dominique Jarvis

Dominique Christine Jarvis - “Niki”

Born 1999-02-28

Dominique’s mother was very ill when she was born and the hospital discharged the baby into our care so that she could be stimulated and loved. Dominique’s mother eventually passed away at the TB Hospital so Thea adopted Dominique. Dominique was tiny and premature when she arrived at TLC but she did thrive from the beginning and has been quite healthy. When she began school it became apparent that she had severe barriers to learning and required special education. Dominique loves “little” things and is always busy with a baby or small animal. Dominique’s greatest wish is to one day be a good farm wife with lots of children.

Crispin Jarvis

Crispin Christian Jarvis - “Crispi”

Born 1996-06-03

Crispin was brought to TLC as a 3-day-old newborn. His mother was merely 13 years old, a beautiful young Zulu girl, already saddled with the responsibility of a one year old daughter. Crispin has been a delight from day one. He has always loved anything with wheels, and surprised his big brothers by beating them around a go kart track when he was just 12! He is very healthy and is an excellent athlete. Crispin’s greatest wish is to drive a race car.

Khensani Sehloho

Khensani Sehloho - “Khensi”

Born 1999-05-26

Khensani and her twin sister came to TLC at birth as their mother was struggling to support her profoundly handicapped, 6-year-old Down Syndrome son. They spent a few months with us before being returned to their biological mother but sadly her baby sister passed away after a few short weeks. Her mother returned Khensani to TLC and Thea became Khensani’s co-guardian. Khensani is a very bright girl on scholarship at a private girl’s school until Grade 8. She is learning the saxophone and is a talented netball and hockey player. Khensani’s greatest wish is have enough money to get her birth mother a “real house” so she doesn’t have to stay in the location.

Brett Jarvis

Brett Christian Jarvis - “Bembez”

Born 1998-01-07, HIV Positive

When Brett arrived he was very, very ill. His mother already had full blown AIDS and she came to visit him a few times. The last time she visited him she left a card in his crib which read: “I’m your mother. I love you. Have a good life.” We knew we weren’t going to see her again and Brett was adopted by Thea. Thanks to the treatment Brett is doing very well. He is a sensitive soul with such a gentle spirit. He has a great laugh but reserves it for very special occasions. For the most part he is a thinker and keeps to himself a lot. Brett's greatest wish is to have enough money to care for Mommy Thea.

Carlton Jarvis

Carlton Christian Jarvis - “Carl”

Born 1998-01-03

Carlton’s mother was a young girl who could not care for him. His father was an illegal immigrant who was repatriated, leaving Carlton’s mother without support of any kind. She elected to leave her baby with TLC. Carlton is an early riser. He’s a child who would do well on lots of individual attention. He is of above average intelligence and is passionate about cars – particularly the design of both engine and body. Carlton has tried his hand at tennis, karate and rugby but mostly he enjoys watching Discovery Channel or fiddling on a computer. Carlton’s greatest wish is to become a lawyer so he can help humankind!

Thea Jarvis

Benjamin Christian Jarvis - “Benni”

Abandoned at the Germiston Hospital at birth

Benni was already seven and a half months old before we found him and a lot of damage had been done by then. He has classic symptoms of a child left in a cot for too long, unstimulated and unloved. He often bangs his head on his bed or chair, rocks to and fro and shakes his head. In December 2007 Benjamin was badly burned in an accident at TLC, leaving his face permanently scarred. Benjamin is sensitive and needs a lot of love and attention, yet there is strength of character about him, and a latent intelligence that needs recognition so that it can be coaxed into its full potential. Benjamin’s greatest wish is to learn to drive every vehicle known to man!

Tommy Jarvis

Itumeleng Christian Jarvis - “Tommy”

Born 1993-08-28, HIV positive since infancy, Albino

Tommy was abandoned as an infant at a “shebeen”. Due to his albinism he was shunned by the locals and left by himself in the yard with its dog. Tommy survived by eating scraps, dog food and faeces and drinking from puddles and half empty alcohol containers. After 3 months a passerby who knew of TLC found him and brought him to the home. Tommy had to be treated for sunburn and a longstanding infection of intestinal worms. Charismatic Tommy was adopted by Thea. Over the years he has responded well to Anti-Retroviral therapies and lives a full and happy life. Tommy's greatest wish is to be the mentor that his younger brothers need.

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