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Returned to family
Returned to Family
We believe that if it is at all possible, a child belongs with his mother. We strive to assist these mommies (or other members of the baby's biological family) so that they are able to keep their little ones.
Where possible we try return thr babies to their own families

Often a good mommy is forced to relinquish her baby because she simply does not have the resources or skills to cope with the difficulties in her life. In restoring a baby to his biological family, sometimes this is fairly simple, as in the case of a destitute mommy of a premature baby who cannot afford to heat her accommodation during the winter - we care for her baby while he is most fragile, then he goes home with mom. Sometimes this is more difficult: if a mommy dies in childbirth, and extended family have to be traced. The family often live far away and need time to prepare for a new child, who may have special needs.

Sometimes the intervention required from us is brief, sometimes it takes a while. But every time it is worth it!

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Trustees: Ms. U. Macheke van Graan (Chairperson); Rev. Fr. B. McAleer; Mrs. G.T.F. Jarvis; Mr. M.J.Kaplan; Ms. F.G. McLachlan; Mr. J.P. Gruneberg; Ms. T. Moabi
Section 18A
NPO No: 054/364
Trust No: IT 2986/98
PBO No: 930021186