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Who We Are
Who We Are
We started out with a large, loving family. We had a calling from God to care for abandoned babies and now our family is infinitely larger and still growing in size and love!
Who makes up TLC?

Once upon a time our family could have been described as your garden variety large family: Mom, Dad and five kids; Joanna, Pippa, Rhys, Zoë, and Faith. We started out with a calling from God; to look after newborn and abandoned babies.

As is often the case when God is involved we had no idea where this would take us. We'll probably look back at that statement in another ten years and find it is still true!

In the course of ensuring that every parentless child we bring into our home, is assured of a forever family, our family has also grown ... a lot!

We now have a very large family (ranch variety... not garden variety!), and we also continue to care for up to thirty small babies at any time, for whom we are seeking forever families.

And of course we now have a board of people with a variety of expertise who assist us in many, many ways!

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Trustees: Ms. U. Macheke van Graan (Chairperson); Rev. Fr. B. McAleer; Mrs. G.T.F. Jarvis; Mr. M.J.Kaplan; Ms. F.G. McLachlan; Mr. J.P. Gruneberg; Ms. T. Moabi
Section 18A
NPO No: 054/364
Trust No: IT 2986/98
PBO No: 930021186